Climate in Peril

climate_in_perilEvery 5-7 years, members of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) meet to discuss future changes to Earth’s climate. Over the past two decades, near-unanimous agreement exists amongst them that the Earth’s warming over the past century is due mostly to man-made causes. The IPCC reports themselves, however, can be completely overwhelming to the casual reader. To account for this, many various documents have been produced which attempt to explain the IPCC reports more succinctly and simply. One that does a particularly good job, is Climate in Peril, a guide you can download by clicking on the link. It’s a very convenient guide for someone looking to get an overview of the important aspects of climate change science, without needing a PhD to do so.

Behold the Earth

David Conover, producer for years of Discovery HD Theater’s Sunrise Earth, is currently working with his team to produce a groundbreaking musical documentary currently in production titled Behold the Earth. It is described as “An Inquiry Into America’s Divorce From Nature,” and with good reason, given the rampant proliferation and over-saturation of electronics that our culture faces today. This documentary seeks out the lost relationship between man and the created world, and concludes that is time for religion and science to meet on common ground. I’ve embedded the trailer below…

Reclaiming Creation

I’m happy to announce the recent arrival of a great new resource in the creation care arena. The UNC News21 website has gone live, and is titled, ‘Powering a Nation.’ This website serves as an excellent source point for individuals interested in learning more about where our energy comes from, and the costs (seen and unseen) that are associated with it. In particular, an excellent section, Reclaiming Creation, offers a look at how the Christian creation care movement is adding fuel to the fire of a renewed environmental push.