Hope For Creation: A Live Simulcast Event

On Wednesday April 21, the eve of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, you can partner with Blessed Earth to share an international simulcast, Hope for Creation, to be aired live around the world at 7:30 p.m. (EST). The event will be one hour long. It will include prayer, musical guests, and an introduction of a new creation care film series by the makers of NOOMA. There will be a conversation between the participants around the globe using straightforward Internet, cell phone, and Skype technology.

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Restoring Eden:Ankle Deep in Reality Speaking Tour

Events in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio:

Come hear the story of Sara Kaweesa! A first-hand account of the real impacts of climate change upon the land, ecosystems, families, churches and the vulnerable communities of Africa .

Events in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina:

Come hear the story of Rev. Tafue Molu Lusama! A first-hand account of the real impacts of climate change upon the land, ecosystems, families, churches and the vulnerable communities of the South Pacific.


New Disneynature movie opening April 22, 2009


Please see the above link for more information. You can also check out the PDF file below.

Earth Promo (pdf)

The same company was behind the movies, Amazing Grace, Bella, Tale of Despereaux, and many others — they only support socially good, redemptive content that benefits audiences. Feel free to check out their website at:

Flourish Conference 2009

The first ever national pastor’s conference on creation care. Featuring some of the nation’s premier speakers and centering on some of the hottest cultural issues, this is one conference you don’t want to miss.

Flourish Conference Website

May 13-15, 2008
Cross Pointe Church
1800 Satellite Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30019

Flourish, a national conference for pastors and church leaders, is an invitation to one of culture’s most exciting conversations: creation care. Our goal is to explore the biblical call to care for God’s creation through the teachings of today’s most insightful church leaders. As the first national gathering of its kind, Flourish will include three major areas of concentrations, and we believe all three are necessary for the church to produce a robust Gospel-witness in the 21st century.

1. Creation Care theology, witness, and evangelism

2. The greening of church operations

3. Discipleship

Many people and organizations are working to make this conference possible because we firmly believe that creation care will not become part of discipleship and church life if it is not embraced by church leaders. As such, we hope to inspire, assist, and equip pastors and leaders to integrate creation care into the life of the Church.

In addition to great speakers, we are planning workshops and small group discussions so that you can customize your experience. And this year, we’ll be unveiling a new line of educational/inspirational materials to assist your Church body. So sign up now. You don’t want to miss this revolutionary event!

For more information, please visit the conference website by clicking here.

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