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2008 C3 Creation Care Conference

What Does Environmental Stewardship Have to Do With the Faith? Fact is, caring for the environment was God’s idea before it made the agenda of any political party. In Genesis chapter 9, the covenant was made, and it became our responsibility to care for creation. This was the topic of discussion at Northland’s Creation Care Conference (C3). Co-sponsored by ENERGY STAR™ and the National Association of Evangelicals, the event was held at Northland, A Church Distributed in Longwood, Florida, on February 21, 2008. (used with permission)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

2007 Environmental Stewardship Conference

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise

The second annual Environmental Stewardship Conference in Boise, Idaho. Designed for Christians to learn more about the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation and equip them with tools to embrace that value within their church, college, or community.

Session 1: Ken Wilson (Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor)
Session 2: Richard Cizik (National Association of Evangelicals)
Session 3: Tri Robinson (Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise)
Session 4: Scott Sabin (Floresta)

Video: Ken Wilson

Senior Pastor, Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor


Creation, I Care

Join Dr. Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed

This three-part video series is ideal for both individual or group study. (Used with permission).

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

“Tending the Garden”

A documentary of Environmental ministry from the Vineyard Church of Boise, ID.


“Lets Tend the Garden” Commercial

An environmental commercial from the Vineyard Church of Boise, ID.

30 second spot | 60 second spot

Audio Only

“Take A Stand”

Radio talk show with host Adam McManus


Creation Care: The Intersection of Science, Theology, and Practice

May 3, 2008. The Ohio State University, Byrd Polar Research Center. Much has been made about “the inconvenient truth” of climate change and other environmental woes. Some have debated the “truth” part of this, questioning the reliability of the information. Others have struggled with the “inconvenient” part, wondering just how much our lives really need to change. And Christians sometimes wonder, ‘just how much of a priority should this be when I think of God’s purposes for my life in the world?’

Session 1, Christian Faith and the Care for Creation
Cal DeWitt
, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Text Version (Word)

Session 2, What Science Tells us about the State of Creation
Cal DeWitt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 3, What Can We Do? The Story of One Church
Ken Wilson, Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor

Friendship Collaborative Workshops

March 20, 2009. University of Michigan, Matthaei Botanical Gardens. First of hopefully many Friendship Collaborative workshops, in which environmental scientists and evangelical leaders dialogue to provide for better cooperation on issues related to creation care.

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Session 1, Science and our Environment
Carl Safina, Blue Ocean Institute

Session 2, Christianity and the Environment
Ken Wilson, Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor

Session 3, The Role of Scientists
Carl Safina, Blue Ocean Institute

Session 4, The Christian Response
Ken Wilson, Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor

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