back from ohio and the future mightily encouraged

In one of my other lives, I serve as regional underseer of the Great Lakes Region of Vineyard Churches–about 114 churches in all. We had our regional conference in Cincinatti last week–hence my blogging silence. A wonderful time. We had nearly 200 more in attendance than our previous regional conference, always a good sign. The theme of the conference was 4Ward ’till Kingdom Come, because the theology of the kingdom is the treasure buried in the field of the Vineyard. Read the rest of this entry »

OSU to host friendship collaborative

On Friday May 2, The Ohio State University will host a Friendship Collaborative thanks to the work of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship leaders like Howard VanCleave on the campus of OSU working with local scientists and evangelical leaders. On Friday about thirty leaders will gather–roughly half being environmental scientists, including Jim Hansen, the NASA expert on climate change–and the other half being local evangelical pastors and leaders. Cal De Witt, Jim Hansen, and Steve Weeks, will present from the scientific perspetive and Ken Wilson from the evangelical pastor perspective. Read the rest of this entry »