Scientology and the facts related to it

The word Scientology conceived by its founder L. Ron Hubbard, the meaning of the term is derived from the Latin word ‘Scio’ which means ‘ Knowing’ and the Greek word ‘Logos’ meaning ‘study of’ which means knowing how to know. Scientology is a contemporary religion that is fully developed by the definition of religion with its theology, practice and organisation with more than 11,000 churches and missions. Scientology addresses the spirit and not the human body or the mind. The belief of Scientology is that man is more than the product of his environment or the product of his genes. Many individuals believe that Scientology is their religion and that it fulfils their spiritual needs. To know more about Scientology, here are some additional facts about Scientology:

  1. The first Church of Scientology was established in the year 1954, and it is based on the teachings of its founder.
  2. Scientology came after L. Ron Hubbard’s self-help system which was called ‘Dianetics’ first published in the year 1950, and the forerunner of Scientology was called ‘Dianetics’, that was initially designed as psychotherapy and not the formation of a new religion.
  3. The major symbol of Scientology is the Scientology Cross. It is similar to the Christian cross, but with additional four rays, in total eight rays, these rays symbolise the eight passages of Scientology namely-
    1. The self, Creativity, sex and procreation,
    2. Groups
    3. Humankind
    4. All life forms
    5. Physical universe
    6. Spirituality
    7. God- who is infinite.
  4. The prime principles of Scientology are –
    1. Man is an immortal, spiritual being
    2. Man’s experience extends well beyond a single lifetime
    3. Man’s capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realised.
  5. Celebrities who joined Scientology are Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jason Lee, Beck, Danny Masterson, Isaac Hayes, Sonny Bono, Jerry Seinfeld, Nancy Cartwright, Greta Van Susteren, Jenna Elfman, Kirstie Alley, etc.
  6. The Church hides their higher-levels of mystical teachings to protect weak minds.
  7. The Gold Base is the headquarters of the Church of Scientology. It is an area consisting of 50 buildings which are heavily guarded with high fences which are again topped by blades
  8. The German Government does not accept Scientology as a religion.
  9. One of the most serious criticisms of Scientology is that the members of the church must pay a large sum of money to participate in the activity called ‘audits’ so as to move forward to a new level of understanding. ‘Audits’ is a therapy session to eliminate destructive behaviours and cleanse their mind.
  10. Another criticism of the religion is that it has zero tolerance for anyone opposing the teachings of L.Ron Hubbard
  11. The story of Xenu is taken as one of the sacred teachings of the church. Scientologist believe that millions of years ago, Xenu brought billions of people to Earth
  12. There have been several cases where the members of the Church of Scientology were convicted of some criminal activities that were related to the practice of the religion.

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