Do You Need Religion to Be Spiritual?

Religions like to think of themselves in absolutes. Like it’s the only true path for a person to take. But isn’t it peculiar that fans of sports behave in the same way – their team, no matter what, is the best ever.

But they are not, really. And neither is the religion.

In fact, study any religion and you will see that each has been influenced by the old, polytheistic religions. So, we hope it won’t be blasphemous to suggest that modern religions should share their best characteristics more often and be more inclusive rather than trying to claim superiority over others.

Today we want to talk about spirituality and to be more specific, the practice of meditation.

What does Spirituality mean


Most religions are external – you are tough how should you behave and treat others. Spirituality is different. It is not a belief or submission to a higher power. In the most basic terms it’s the skill of getting to know yourself.

That’s why many scientist and non-believers in general talk about spirituality.

The question is, how do you become spiritual? What do you need to become?

Why Religions Should Borrow Meditation Practices from Buddhism

You may be Christian or not religious at all, it doesn’t matter. Buddhism’s meditation techniques, mindfulness will help you find peace of mind in this crazy world. The main difference here is that these practices are internal and don’t really require you to believe in any form of diety.

On the contrary, mindfulness meditation may be as simple as a concentration on your breath. Nothing grandiose. Just breathing.

And what you may also like about it is that it is fail-free. Some think that when your mind drifts it means you are doing a bad job. In fact, the whole practice is about the returning to your breath. So, if your mind drifted a million times, and a million times you brought back your attention back to your breath – you did good.

Why Journey to Spirituality is Crucial


Today many of us feel lost. Far too often. So, to compensate we trying to catch the next big news, focus on the lives of the others. We will play video slots for free and sleep in on the weekends but not because it’s what we want or need. But more like because we live without a purpose.

Do you really know what you want?

Probably not. That’s why taking on meditation, just 5 or 10 minutes a day is necessary. You don’t need to repent for your sins or go to a 5-month pilgrimage. All you need is sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

It has been proven that in a couple of months of constant meditation practice will result in more focus. And that’s as good of a start as you can hope for.

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