Famous religious practices from around the world

There are a large number of religions that are practised in each part of the world. Major religions and all subdivided religions together make up a massive number of religions in the world, and with each religion, there is a set of beliefs and practices. So here, we will look at the different religious practices that are happening around the world. Some of the practices are unique and unusual:

  1. Gurudan Thookam –Also known as Eagle Hanging. It is a ritual art form that is practised in Kerala, India. The devotees dress up as Guruda which is a mythical bird and perform a dance. After which they are pierced with metal hooks and are hung like the eagles. After they are hung, they are taken on processions around the city.
  2. Scaring- This practice can be seen among Chambri Tribe of Papua New Guinea. It is an ancient practice for boys to be a man who requires cutting off their skin to represent the crocodile scales.
  3. Sky Burial- This practice is found in Tibet, it is observed by some Vajrayana Buddhist in the Chinese Provinces of Tibet, Mongolia and Qinghai. A ceremony where the body of a deceased person is chopped and then offered to the vultures. Vultures are believed as an angel-like figure that will take the soul of the deceased to heaven, and the body is nothing more than just an empty vessel.
  4. Church of Maradona- On 30 November 1998, a group of avid Argentina legend Diego Maradona founded the Maradoniana which means the Church of Maradona and the church follows ten commandments that revolve around football and Diego Maradona. The church is said to have more than 200,000 followers.
  5. Flagellation- Practised by Shi’ite Muslims to commemorate the day of Ashura which is the tenth day of Muharram. The man hit themselves on the back with various types of chains to mourn the death of Imam Hussein who is the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.
  6. The Digambaras- the Digambaras is one of the two main sects of Jainism. They emphasise on the freedom of the human spirit. For this reason, they live naked and reinforce the idea of equality with all life forms
  7. Dropping babies- This is the belief that when families throw their babies from a 50 feet building, it will bring luck and prosperity to the baby and the family. When the baby is dropped from the 50 feet building, men wait on the ground with a sheet to catch the baby.
  8. Finger cutting ritual- This is practised by the Dani tribe in Papua New Guinea. The families in this tribe believe that when they cut off their fingers and bury them with the corpse; it is a sign and a mark of love for the deceased family member.
  9. Mormons- The Mormon Temple Garments contain some sacred symbols which are worn by the adherents of the Latter Day Saint Movement. They are used in the ritual ceremony as a part of the Endowment ceremony.

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