Best Movies to Understand Islam

It’s funny how Islam is similar to most religions, but it is still the hardest one to talk about. It’s like that uncle who lives overseas during the Thanksgiving dinner. But we cannot allow us to be fearful or ignorant. Every religion has its own ‘bad apples’.

What we must do is focus on compassion and understanding of each other. So, to better understand Islam and Muslims in general, their values and way of life, I want to encourage you to watch the following movies and series.

The Big Sick

the big sick

This is the movie that encouraged this article in the first place. It’s a romantic comedy about a Muslim man (non-practicing) who is in pursuit of becoming a professional standup comedian while dealing with his mother’s attempt at arranging marriage for him.

Not only an entertaining movie, but also an astonishing representation of a Muslim family values and their traditions. You’ll be blown away by things you can do and can’t from doing standup, admit you haven’t been practicing your religion, playing free pokies and choosing your wife.

The Night Of

night of

A match darker, limited series released by Netflix about a man that has been accused of murder. As far as Muslims who we have talked about, Islamic traditions depicted in this movie are very accurate.

There is a lot of blood, violence and intense scenes If you are not a fan, you are free to skip this.

A Separation

separation movie

A depiction of a Muslim family that has to make a life-changing decision. They either have to stay in Iran and help the father who has Alzheimer’s disease or put the life of their child ahead of everything and move to another country.

This is a movie that will not only teach you more about Islam, the reality of living in a war-driven country but also remind you that most Muslims are the same people as everyone else.



If you noticed, we haven’t picked movies about Islam. But rather movies that show Muslims in their everyday interactions. If you are looking for history of Islam, there are great documentaries like Islam: Empire of Faith (2000) and Muhammad: The Last Prophet (2002).

Here we only mentioned three movies for a reason – to get you started. There is a comedy, a drama and a mystery to pick from. Not too much to cause analysis paralysis but enough to make a choice.

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