Best movies on religion that you must watch

Everyone loves a good movie and movies based on religion- the one element that connects all humans- makes it an interesting and fascinating genre in films. There are a lot of movies out there that are based either on religion, their practices, faith, and belief. Some of the movies are powerful, intense and influential while some can be controversial. Here is a list of some awesome movies that have elements of religion in it.

  1. The Passion of Joan of Arc – This movie is an unusual silent statements movie but very intriguing and a powerful movie.  Being imprisoned by her accusers, Joan of Arc is faced with ordeals and interrogated. It uses mostly the faces and adjacent frame shot to display the intense emotions and faith of the character which made the movie known for the sophisticated visual composition, and it was done outstandingly.
  2. Black Narcissus– Another captivating movie is Black Narcissus, a melodrama that is beautifully acted. It follows the lives, the aspirations and challenges of a group of nuns who are asked to open a convent hospital in an area that was a former red light district in a small village situated in India. Black Narcissus shows the ordeals and challenges that the nuns faces and the clashes between the culture and the sacred perceptions of the east and the west. This movie is universally renowned for its exclusive technical feats although it stirred up a controversy as it subtly presented the sexual tension of the nuns which was a subject that was considered as a taboo during that time era.
  3. Andrei Rublev – The movie sketches through the period Russia in 15th It is depicts the life of an icon painter who goes through a dark phase. As the famine, the Tartars and the torture dominate the place, Rublev loses his purpose and his artistic aspirations. Thus he is conflicted between spirituality and calling. He comes to the conclusion of renouncing his faith, his art and his voice too. It is a slow and an intricate film touching upon faith.
  4. Au Hazard Balthazar – Au Hazard Balthazar is a wrenching movie which tells the visual story of the life and death of a donkey that is named Balthazar. It is an intense approach to the perverseness of humans through the eyes Balthazar, a donkey, and the same animal that carried Christ. Balthazar stoically observes the life of humans around him through his pain and suffering.
  5. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring– This movie is about a wonderful affirmation of Zen Buddhism. It is a young monk and his pupil who lives in a monastery which is located on a placid lake, and it is only accessible by a boat. The older monk teaches the pupil about the Buddhist way of life using the five seasons (as the title of the movie goes) to exhibit the expression of faith, the temptation, the struggle and the triumph. It is one of the most simple but captivating and beautiful movies ever.

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