This site is to serve pastors who are interested in a growing emphasis within the Christian community called “Creation Care”: applying biblical principles of stewardship to the environment we share with all living things. We like the word “creation” even better than the word “environment” because it includes all that makes the earth a wonderful place, and it reminds us it’s all a gift, a sacred trust from the hands of the Creator.

From a biblical perspective, “the environment” is God’s creation. Creation care does not just mean caring for “nature,” apart from humanity. It means caring for the entire creation: the environment and “all creatures great and small” including humanity. As those who confess Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord, our relationship with all of creation must be in keeping with Christ’s relationship with all of creation. When we explore what the Bible says about creation, we interpret each text in light of our relationship to Christ and his relationship to all of creation. If the Bible teaches us that Christ has created the universe, gives it life and sustains it, and has reconciled everything to God, then our actions should participate in Christ’s creating, sustaining, and reconciling work.

You can order copies of the material that may have led you here: the creation care starter kit for busy pastors. This includes a booklet titled Creation Care: An Introduction for Busy Pastors, and Saving God’s Green Earth by Tri Robinson with Jason Chatraw, pastors who have implemented biblical principles of stewardship regarding the creation in their local church. We believe, as you do, that the local church is the learning laboratory of the far-flung Jesus movement. The world is watching how we regard the earth and making judgments regarding our master accordingly. What are we showing them?

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